Slush & Cocktail Machines

Our Slush machines will make light work of keeping your guests entertained all night! Our machines freeze the mix so no ice is needed. Ideal for Weddings, welcome drinks, Bar Mitzvahs, 21st, Corporate functions, product launches, children’s parties, sports day, fundraising events & more.

Slush Machine Hire

Double barrel machines

  • Includes 10L/20L of mixture
  • Flavours: Strawberry, Blue raspberry,

Cocktail Machine Hire – All you have to add is water and alcohol

Double barrel machines

  • Includes 10L/20L of mixture
  • Flavours: Margarita’s,Strawberry daiquiris, Various Daiquiris, Pina Colada, Blue Angel, Mojito

Did you know we also stock the following?
Clear cups with domes lids
various straws – thick/paper/normal
Jam jars – with ribbon to suit your theme

Iced Coffees/Ice chinos

AMAZING in summer, alcohol can be added,

Variety of flavors.

Recommended Recipes:
Margarita: Add 750ml of Tequila & 350ml Triple secto the Lemon & Lime mix.
Various daiquiris: Add 750ml of Bacardi Rum (white) to the Strawberry, Grape or Cherry mix.
Flirtini:Add 750ml white Martini & 350ml triple Sec to the Peach Passion Mix.
Pina Colada: Add 750ml White Bacardi Rum or Cocorico to the Pina Colada Mix.
Blue Angel:Add 750ml Vodka & 350ml Blue Caracao to the Blue Raspberry Mix.
Mojito:Add 750ml Le Sirop de Monin (Mojitomint) & 350ml Triple Sec to the Lemon & Lime Mix.

If the slush/cocktail machine is being used outdoors, please make sure that the machine is out of direct sunlight, otherwise the freezing process is significantly slowed.
The machine freezes the slush mix in approximately 2 hours.
For alcoholic-based cocktails, the mixture must turn to slush before adding the alcohol.Please allow for extra time as the alcohol takes longer to freeze.
A sturdy table or surface is required near a good quality electricity supply (plug point).